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World Peace


In fact, you are following your own

Ancient Path

It is not your's become the only religion in the world rather every religion become one which makes this world a peaceful place to live!

While human beings have sought different ways of experiencing their inner peace, many fall into mind-created traps. We need to identify those mind-created obstructions to our happiness. There are many methods used for this purpose from ancient times to this day. Such techniques are taught in our spiritual doctrines, social ethics, and other peace-loving teachings. Such variety is necessary to cater to people with different temperaments.


That is why we see different religions and teachings are accepted by a discrete group of people!

I find that although the underlying temperament differs from person to person, the overarching approach to our life depends on the philosopher or sage in us.

You need to set aside all discriminatory identities that you may have about yourself and others. Pay no attention to any of your self-identification such as your nationality, race, creed, or even your gender. Be free from all such boundaries and pay attention to your inner peace.

Then you will experience - true happiness - the bliss of being alive!

 Our intention to experiencing the bliss of being alive is the first step towards world peace. With that, we can evolve into a civilization that reveres peace and wisdom, a peace-loving world!

Welcome to, a site for those who are interested and want to know more about religious equality and their vision, mission, structure, history, background and significance of core teachings, which culminate into one path, the ancient path.


Explore Within

From ancient times to this day, many philosophers and sages have explored within and dwelled in inner peace. They shared it in many ways. Most of the popular religions are fundamentally based on these pathways. I find that there is common ground in these pathways that culminate into one path, the ancient path. The Ancient path is referred to in many religions in different words. The modern-day spiritual teachings emphasize the same as mindfulness or attention to the present moment. You may have learned that “the present moment” is the only moment we have, that the past is history, and that future events are fantasy. This again is another way to encourage you to experience the bliss of being alive—inner peace. If you deeply investigate, you will recognize that all current, peace-loving religious and spiritual teachings are to enhance your inner peace. Therefore, you do not have to change your faith to dwell in inner peace and experience the bliss of being alive. When you are experiencing the bliss, you will make a peaceful world.


My intention is to make you happy, so, you will take the first step towards world peace.

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